current calls for proposals

General Call for Papers:
Papers are now being accepted for consideration in IJIRE.

Papers may be in the length of 1500-5000 words. Please use the style sheet and submission guidelines outlined below. Authors are encouraged to contact the editors to discuss possible submissions in advance of the deadline.


submission guidelines

Thematic Overview:
The IJIRE will publish articles of both theoretical and practical nature to scholars from all disciplines who are pursuing—or reviewing—IRE work.  Case studies of online research, theoretical analyses, and practitioner-oriented scholarship that promote understanding of IRE at ethics and institutional review boards, for instance, are encouraged. Methodological differences are embraced.

Publication Schedule:
The IJIRE is published twice annually, May 1 and December 15
Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, and are subject to Editorial and Peer Review.

General Style Guidelines:
Manuscripts should be submitted to; articles in the range of 5000-15,000 words, though announcements of IRE scholarship, case studies, and book reviews of any length can be submitted for review. Please ensure that your manuscript is received in good format (proper English language usage, grammatical structure, spelling, punctuation, and compliance with APA reference style). The following MS Word document should be used as a template for your submission. SUBMISSION STYLEGUIDE The IJIRE follows the American Psychological Association's 5th edition. Articles should include an abstract no longer than 100 words, full names and contact information of all authors, and an author's biography of 100 words or less.

In the spirit of open access, IJIRE authors maintain copyright control of their work. Any subsequent publications related to the IJIRE work must reference the IJIRE and the original publication date and url.